Square Footage Calculator

Simple web tool to help you calculate the total square footage of an area or project. For simple projects, use the shape that best fits the area you are trying to measure: a rectangle, triangle, or square. You can also calculate the total area of more complex spaces by building them up from smaller pieces. The calculator also calculates the total cost of materials and labor for the project (estimated as a base % per square foot). To clear your selections, hit reset. To add additional parts to your project, hit "add piece".

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Tool Overview: Square Footage Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate the square footage of an area and - if this is being done as part of a construction or landscaping project - the cost of the project. You can build up the total area you are trying to measure as a set of pieces (circles, rectangles, right triangles) and the calculator will determine the area contained by them. Click reset to clear the list of pieces (for a new shape); click add piece to construct a new piece of your total area.

Costing is handled via three metrics. First, there is usually some degree of scrap or overage involved in most construction projects. We calculate this as a % of the total and increase the required material to accomodate this. This covers situations such as bad cuts, spoilage, measurement errors, and pieces that just don't fit the alotted space without major drama. Next, we calculate a material cost per square foot. For landscaping and flooring calculations, this would be the cost of the sod or the carpet. Finally, we set a labor cost (per square foot) to get a total cost of the project.

Practical Example: Square Foot Calculator

In the default example, the model looks at a composite square footage calculation involving three separate parts of the total space for a flooring project. The main room is modeled as a rectangle. The alcove is modeled as a triangle. The rug area is modeled as a circle (assume we need to do some kind of special treatment for this area). We tally the space for the three parts into a single total. Material costs are estimated using a 10% scrap rate; labor and material cost are derived from there using the cost-per-square foot estimates. The combined project is showed with a budget for labor and materials.

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